UpCYCLEd Stories was a community-engaged, multidisciplinary arts project designed and facilitated by artist Sarah Van Borek through an Artist in Community residence made possible by the Vancouver Parks Board and the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association.

In collaboration with diverse people who live/play/work/visit the neighbourhood, Van Borek oversaw the creation of A MUSICAL MOVIE that has music and dance components and that tells the story of the Mount Pleasant community using a focus on bikes and cycling as artistic inspiration, art materials (recycled bike parts) and presentations. The UpCYCLEd Stories movie is a docu-drama incorporating documentary style video with dramatized scenes based on true stories from the neighbourhood. The “drama”-tizations are made using imaginative approaches including MARIONETTES MADE OF BIKE PARTS. The movie was made through a variety of workshops, events and collaborations (interviews, puppetry, video/animation, dance, sound recording and design, and music-that is performed by community members and that included some instruments made from recycled bicycle parts). The film explores the larger THEME OF BELONGING.

Part of the musical score was performed live during a community screening/concert that had a bike pedal-powered pop-up projection and that took place inside the local Kingsgate Mall. The live musical performances were recorded and later edited into the video. The project culminated in the premiere community screening of the full musical film on Thursday, September 15th, 7:30pm.

For more information, contact the artist Sarah Van Borek: upcycledstories.mpcc@gmail.com


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