Bike Dance Flash Mob at Van Mural Fest

hands up

On Saturday, August 20th at 4pm diverse people from the Mount Pleasant community, including some who had previously appeared in the UpCYCLEd Stories movie, participated in a bike dance flash mob on main street (in front of the Beaumont stage at Broadway) as part of the inaugural Vancouver Mural Festival. The dance, choreographed and facilitated by artist in community Sarah Van Borek, is called “drivetrain” because that’s the part of the bike that makes everything move and consists of 6 easy moves inspired by bicycle safety. The dance is accompanied by the song “On My Bike” by Vancouver-based worldbeat dance band, Roots Roundup.

UpCYCLEd Stories had a booth in front of Our Community Bikes, our year-long sponsor of recycled bike parts, where passers-by could find a bike-generated video projection of the “drivetrain” dance choreography and practice the dance with others in preparation for the flash mob.



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