First Community Screening & Concert

The first UpCYCLEd Stories community screening and concert event took place in the Kingsgate Mall last Thursday, April 28th, 6:30-8:30pm. It was a truly unique, memorable and delightfully fun gathering bringing together 3 generations across cultural communities, artistic disciplines and professions.

The first part of the evening featured a premiere screening of Part 1 of the UpCYCLEd Stories movie, pedal-powered thanks to members of the audience who contributed their energy to keep the movie going! Thanks to our friend/fellow artist George Rahi (Publik Secrets) for supplying the bike generator. The movie was followed by live musical performances featuring local gems: the Multicultural Seniors Seniors (who sang an original song their choir director, Bob Poutt, wrote for this project) and Bloco Energia, a Brazilian samba percussion group (who composed bike part percussion elements for this project). Thanks to our sound engineer, Stephen Falk, for recording the show so that it can be included in the soundtrack of the movie.

A number of members from the Mount Pleasant community who are featured in the film were in attendance, including: Jennifer Chernecki (Mount Pleasant Heritage Group/visual artist), Lynn Liu (founder, Vancouver Central School of Music) and our lead actress, GOH ballet ballerina Kai-Chi She. Thanks to photographer, Ali Penko, for the fabulous photos (below). If you would like to get involved as the project develops, there are still more workshops and events coming up throughout the summer.

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